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What does MOX mean?
22 January, 2017 Jolien

What does MOX mean?

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What does MOX mean?

You might have been wondering: ‘Nice baby moccasins and a nice name, MOX. But what does this name MOX mean?’

ikat baby mocassins

‘MOX’ is short for the word ‘Moccasins’. And for those who are now wondering ‘what are moccasins?’ A moccasin is a certain type of shoe and was previously worn by the native population of North America.

antique moccasins
Traditionele moccasins. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The top was beautifully decorated with beads, embroideries and beautiful fabrics. It had a symbolic meaning.

Because of the soft leather sole, you could feel the soil well and it made you soundless in wooded areas.

The MOX babyshoes moccasins now still have a lot in common with their traditional ancestors. The MOX baby shoes are beautifully decorated with ikat from Flores (Indonesia). Only antique, traditional ikats have been used to produce the collection. These ikats are 20 to 50 years old and used to have a symbolic meaning; it gave the wearer a certain status.


In addition, the MOX baby shoes have a soft flexible leather sole with a padded insole. This is not only very comfi, nice and warm but also important because now your child’s movements and development are not hindered.