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5 reasons to come to MRKT at Woodstock’69 in Bloemendaal!
5 June, 2017 Jolien

5 reasons to come to MRKT at Woodstock’69 in Bloemendaal!

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MRKT at Woodstock’69 MOX Babyshoes

Mark it in your agendas: Sunday, june 18th from 14:00 – 20:00 MRKT at Woodstock’69 in Bloemendaal. The place to be! Friendly people, stalls full of beautiful items, good food, nice music and a chill vibe. For those who are not convinced yet, here are 5 reasons to come to the MRKT at Woodstock’69 in Bloemendaal!

1. MRKT at Woodstock’69 is free!

For those who think festivals are expensive, you are wrong! At other festivals it is quite common that you pay for your entrance, not here. MRKT at Woodstock’69 is completely free of charge! Of course you have to pay for your drinks, food and the thinks you shop at the market. However, the music, the sun, the sea, the beach and the cozy vibe comes for free!

2. MRKT at Woodstock’69 is during the weekend!

Free of work on the weekends? But still no idea what to do with your friends, your mother, sister or whoever you are planning to meet up with? Do not look any further; MRKT at Woodstock’69 is the place to be! With the sun on your face, fine music, good food and all the beautiful items to shop, this is the place to relax after a week of hard work!

3. MOX Babyshoes is at MRKT at Woodstock’69!

Big fan of MOX Babyshoes? Then you should definitely come to MRKT at Woodstock’69 because MOX is there! Maybe you’ve already seen those cute little baby moccasins online. When you order them online, you will have them quick, but not the same day. At the MRKT you can buy them and take them with you right away. Super cool for your own boho-baby, but also nice to give away as a baby shower gift.

4. MRKT at Woodstock’69 is at the beach!

I can’t think of another place you’d like to be on the weekend. With a little luck the sun will shine all day so you can lay down in the beach chairs and listen to the music! Are you hungry? Grab something to eat. Want to do some shopping? Walk past the stalls. Want to go for a walk? Walk up the beach. Feel like dancing? Come back and dance all night long!

5. Something for everyone at the MRKT at Woodstock’69!

Are you looking for something else besides baby moccasins? No problem. You’ll find all sorts of cool brands and businesses at the MRKT. From facial care till bikinis and from baby moccasins till jewelry. Want to know more about MRKT at Woodstock’69? Check out the Facebook page of MRKT! See you there!

MRKT at Woodstock'69 MOX babyshoes

Pic by: mitch photography